Professor F.

I used to think that he only owned a pair of shoes but one day he came in with a new-looking pair identical to his black turned to gray sneakers. I wondered why he was so attached to that particular style of shoes. I paid close attention to his shoes because in both of his classes I sat in the first row, putting me less than 5 feet away from him. I remember feeling slightly intimidated when I first met him as my professor. He always crossed his ankles forming an X. He usually shook his legs and spun a pencil in his hand while craning his neck to take attendance. When he was done taking attendance, he would glance at the clock, looking for the next thing to do. Because our clock was a couple minutes slow, he would always ask me “Is is time yet?”, anxious to get class started. I even noticed his clothing. They were a mixture of very dark-colored polo tees and T-shirts and on cold days, long-sleeved round neck T-shirts and sweaters.

I took a class with him for two consecutive semesters. He mentioned his personal life only twice in that whole year. Checking out at Giant Eagle and visiting family in Texas. He successfully discussed literature without linking it to his personal life which would be something really hard for me to do. Is he married? 

These are people who play an important role in molding my current perceptions and approach to life, how can I not be intensely curious about their personal lives? What about children? How does he spend his holidays? How does he view his students as unique individuals when he come across hundreds of us each semester?

Will he remember me?


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