Absurd memories

Can you think of a memory that is so strong that you are absolutely sure it happened yet so absurd that your logical mind tells you it can’t possibly have happened?

Here is how mine goes: I had lipstick on my little 7/8-year-old lips for a dance performance. My art teacher saw me and told me “你的嘴巴像鲨鱼” which means “Your lips look like a shark’s”. Art lessons then were part of electives and I remember wanting to quit art class because I hated my teacher, for very obvious reasons, and I think that is exactly what I did. I picked drama instead. And that was the very beginning of my years of involvement in drama.

Now the logical 21-year-old me (and I’ve wrestled with the accuracy of this memory for the longest time) tells me that there’s no way that a person sufficiently self-aware to be a primary school art teacher could act that outrageously to a young child. There is also no way to verify whether or not this really happened so…well…I’ll just keep believing that it happened because it’s amusing.

Do you have a memory like this? Please share!


2 thoughts on “Absurd memories

  1. hey, sure, I think I do, my mother send me to learn organ ( something like piano) when I was 6? and the teacher decided that she had to convince me to do according to what she wanted me to, so she said, ‘who’s fists are bigger?’ *angry face

    and I said ‘Mine’ *pull up both of my fist, *put on an angrier face, and I won, I left the music academy soon after.

  2. I now know that this memory is false, but I remember when I was like, five or six, I stayed up all night — just had so much energy I was jumping on the bed and things. I was so proud of myself for that. Then yeearrs later, my mom tells me that yes, I had stayed up late, but when she asked me what I was doing, I said sleepily, that I’m staying up all night. Then proceeded to fall asleep. I was so surprised when I heard that! I guess I dreamed about jumping on the bed. :)

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