Foam bubbles

I find profound satisfaction in food marathons; satisfaction beyond hunger cravings and pangs. And of course, there’s no place better to go on a food marathon than back at home. It was the last Monday of my time in Malaysia. My friend picked me up and we headed to Chow Kit for chilli pan mee, where we lunched two years ago. Then we had banana leaf rice at Nirvana in Bangsar. I mentioned wanting to have Snowflake one more time before I leave and we ended up eating yummy flavoured shaved ice topped with pearls and all that good stuff in Kuchai Lama. We ate and talked and ate and talked and ate and talked for 5 hours straight. It will remain one of my favourite summer 2012 memories because those two years in which I was absent from home evaporated throughout that single extended lunch date. If was as if we were fresh out of high school again. Then I realized that our tenth year of being friends was fast approaching. Ten years. That’s a pretty satisfactory length of time for a friendship.

It is extremely comforting to discover that the things you had hoped would never change indeed hasn’t. I’m fairly confident that even when we’re 35, possibly with spouses (well, just one each) and children, we will still eat, drink and laugh at each others’ stupid high school mistakes and crushes in environments thick with heat and the jovial sound of good food being enjoyed.

It is things like this that remind me that, without a doubt, I still belong at home.


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