Warm Nights

These lengthy nights hug me
like a wool blanket on a hot summer night.
My eyes are shut but I still see.

White sparkly spots float around like jovial dancing fairies.
Useless thoughts stomp about in my caged mind,
creating heavy dents and footprints,
desperate to find its way out –
maybe the fairies hid the key.

The dense day heat is gone.
But the warm waves of ceiling-fan-air
still slice across my unshaven legs.
Cheek against pillow,
fatigue crawling through my bloodstream,
I squeeze my eyelids together.
But the dancing fairies just won’t tame.
When will they end this game?

When the key is found,
futile thoughts will no longer pound.
And the fairies!
They will no longer make a sound.
Then maybe, just maybe, sleep will finally come around.

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