The Extraordinary

My first encounter with having a celebrity crush was when I was 14. I was taken away by Wang Leehom’s stunning good looks (still am), his honey-sweet voice, and love songs that I felt like were written exclusively for me. I remember coming home from school, turning on the computer and loading Youtube videos of his concerts in Taiwan. They would be fully loaded by the time I finished my shower and then I would spent the rest of the afternoon with my eyes glued to the screen, desperately wishing in my heart that I could watch him perform live and finally be that screaming girl whose outstretched hand he brushed.

My dream came partially true the following year. I watched Leehom perform live but I was faaaaaaaaaaaar from being within 10 feet from him. Together with a high school friend, I was enchanted by the flowing red back drop which seemed to stretch from ground to sky, the river-like melody created by the Er Hu and the adrenaline that rushed through my body as Leehom gradually raised his voice from whisper to singing at the top of his voice, cheering us on to sing along to the chorus of Bu Ke Neng Cuo Guo Ni.

We left the concert with our heads spinning, giddy in love with the talent and handsome face that took our breaths away. I spent much of the next few days wondering about the minute details of Leehom’s daily life and feeling slightly frustrated by the fact that it will always remain a mystery to me. I proceeded to make full use of the internet by Youtubing his music videos, interviews, and commercials, heart aching slightly.

I am most drawn to the least remarkable parts of celebrities’ lives. What do they do when they retire to their hotel room after a successful concert? What are their thoughts while they perform in front of an audience of tens of thousands? Tens of thousands of people in a single country are willing to pay a ridiculous sum of money and line up for hours before a concert simply to be one in a ginormous crowd to see a single person perform… how does it feel to be that one person? Are concerts simply a mundane part of seasoned celebrities’ lives?

The extraordinary intrigues us and we, the ordinary, respond by showering them with our attention, curious to find out what it is that makes them different from the rest of us. At the same time, the people who have impacted me the most are the ones which the rest of the world consider to be “ordinary” but, of course, I feel otherwise. As much as celebrities intrigue me, they fade into the “ordinary” category when the people who are truly extraordinary to me change my life forever. Who are these people in your life?

It is my hope to live to be an “extraordinary” person to others. Even if merely for a moment which will be forgotten because I find that when change happens at the right time in the right ways, its impact lingers.

Now for some eye candy… :)


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