First return

Sometimes when I close my eyes I recall the dirty streets of KL, the wafts of oily Sum Thor Char Kuey Teow, the speeding Monorails and the dense palpable heat.

Spring has arrived…at least for this week. Before I get dressed for the day in the mornings, I turn the crank of the window and press my hand against the wire mesh to feel the mood of the weather that day. The Weather Channel can be deceiving at times. While the short sleeve and flip flop weather has been a great treat, Spring weather comes with its set of annoyances. The morning chill usually calls for long sleeves and pants but by mid-afternoon I start feeling out of place in them. Weather like this calls for multiple sets of clothing in a day. Or maybe simply layering, but the bulge of an unnecessary sweater is always unwelcome. Yet soaking in the magical life that the sunshine and warmth breathes into every corner of the campus is a body and soul tingling experience. I can smell and hear the imminence of summer.

Sometimes when I close my eyes I recall my white shirt and blue pinafore, the Aunty in her red apron selling Chao Mai Fan with kari zap, the buzz of Midvalley Megamall and the embrace of the atmosphere of my home.

The day that I started counting down to since the 18th of August 2010 is fast approaching. I will be home very soon.

Until then, more reading, writing, and crocheting.


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