Follow-up to “Plague of Apathy”

For those of you who remember this post that I wrote some time ago about feeling the need to unplug from this generation of information overload, I recently came across an article posted on Facebook that I have found to be the best response to this problem that plagues us all.

‘Plug In Better’: A Manifesto by Alexandra Samuel 

It is a little long but it is definitely worth the mere 5 or so minutes it takes to do so as it addresses this issue in a practical manner. If you aren’t going to read it, then too bad for you. The one thing that I am going to make an effort to do is to keep only the tabs and windows that I need open. Yes, having Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest as your wallpaper is a terrible idea. Closing and reopening those sites every 30 seconds is also a terrible idea. I know from experience. You become completely incapable of achieving anything.

For those of you who did not read my previous post, then you should go do it right because everybody knows that my opinions are worthy. Or … you could just read the article written by a professional. Or you could go out and pick some daisies! Personally, I’d pick the third option.


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