Facebook Fast (Week 1)

By tonight midnight, I would have not gone on Facebook for an entire week. For some annoying reason, although Facebook no longer sits on the top left corner of my “Most visited” screen on Google Chrome, it still takes up two out of eight spots. WordPress has taken over the Number One spot. I think I should be happy about that.

So why the fast? It is merely a two-week fast and it is not for the purposes of focusing on the last two weeks of school. School work is important, but Facebook does not interfere with it that much. Unfortunately, it has a greater interference with my mental and emotional health. I have forgotten how it is like to live without Facebook, so I wanted to refresh my memory. I wanted to shed the distractions that come with instant access to my friends’ thoughts and life through words and pictures and the burning desire to check it every 30 seconds that tags along with that easy access.

Surprisingly, I do not feel as ‘disconnected’ as I expected myself to be. Several times during the week, I would stop for a moment before shutting down my computer, and upon remembering that I can’t go on Facebook, I would proceed to shut down right away. I also found myself going to WordPress for entertainment instead when I want a break from school work. Right now, I do not have a strong desire to go on Facebook and am feeling content with not feeling a ‘need’ to check my news feed and notifications.

Being away from Facebook feels almost like a detox and I’m considering making Facebook-fasting a regular part of my life. I’m much more focused on what’s going on around me, although I do miss being able to post photos. Deleting my account altogether is not in consideration now because I don’t think there is a need to, but maybe that notion will change, or maybe not. Ironically, some of you will come to read this post through Facebook (it automatically posts there each time I post on here) because it is the easiest way for me to get people to care (regardless brevity) about what I have to say.

Let’s see what week 2 brings.


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