Last night, my roommate did not go to bed for the third night (or at least it feels like the third) in a row because she’s been spending all her time in her interior design studio working on the biggest project of her life. This pretty much sums up what a majority of my friends are going through right now. As we are a mere 1.5 weeks away from the end of the semester, everyone seems to be in a frenzy as final project deadlines draw dangerously near and finals loom. I feel like ever since a month before Thanksgiving, when people ask me how I am, the only thing I ever say is “Waiting for break”, which is an entirely honest answer, but it made me wonder why that answer has held its place for such a long time. I’m supposed to have come here for school.

I don’t want to start complaining about the flaws of the education system because … well … it’s not going to get anyone anywhere and too much blame has been put on it. I do wish that somehow I was more engaged in my education. I don’t entirely hate my education and I do enjoy several portions of it, like my Logic class and my English  literature readings (discovered Samuel Johnson recently), but I feel like for the most part, I’m just getting through it because I have to and I rarely do more than what’s required. Maybe I’m just a bad student or an apathetic human being, I don’t know. But whatever it is, I don’t like it, and I want it to change.


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