More than once

Every once in a while, I’m so blessed as to run into rare points of this messed up earth that make me fall in love with life all over again. Beautiful and precious snippets that perfectly encompass the joys of life and spread around like gold glitter. You can’t escape it. Once you’ve come in contact with it, you’re going to find it everywhere and it’s going to stick on you in the most unexpected places, like your nose bridge or your pinky toe, for a while. And then it’s gone until you find another one. It has come to me in the forms of a well-loved family member, a new friend, a newly discovered book, an old acquaintance, an unexpected connection with someone and a few minutes ago, on

I do not have any set goals as a writer. I do not wish to publish a book by 25, write 150 poems in a year or achieve 500 hits on this blog in a day by the time I’m 25; though if that happens, I will have absolutely no complaints. I think I will have become the writer I want to be when my writing evokes in my readers what Su Ann’s arouses in me – an excitement to live. Of course, no two writers are the same and me ever writing like Su Ann seems like a far stretch. I simply want my writing to set my readers’ hearts in motion as others’ have set mine.

Also, did you know that “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo” is a grammatically valid sentence? Look it up. I love the English language.


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