Writer fatigue

The official first day of sophomore year hasn’t even begun and I’m already close to completely losing my voice. Meeting freshmen can be very exciting but also very draining and I don’t think I’m ready for another steady month (or even more) of ‘fighting’ for freshmen, as if whoever succeeded in getting more to stay with their group are the superior. If only we could all settle with the reality that people’s choices are not ‘votes’ for superiority, but simply a reflection of diverse personality.

I also realize in dismay that I have yet to start working on writing more fiction or poetry and this is without the load of schoolwork. The one night I sat down and thought to myself “I should write about the past few nights spent tossing and turning in my bed” because last semester, one of my classmates wrote a really good poem about sleepless nights, and I thought I could imitate that. I repeatedly typed and erased and then I ended up staring at that blinking little vertical line, at a loss of how to express myself. Then I fall back into the usual frustration of “I’m just not a good writer”, “I’ve tried so many times already!”, “Poetry sucks”, “I’ll never succeed as a writer, who am I kidding?” and so on, you know the drill. But I guess this is why this blog exists, because I want to be a good writer so bad and the only way I can achieve that is to simply keep writing and writing and writing, no matter how unsatisfied I am with my works, or how frustrated I get with myself.

So to all tired writers out there (meaning myself), let’s suck it up, grab a cup of tea (or coffee, hot chocolate, whatever aids in you in your well-being) and get on it because there really isn’t any other choice.


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